Coronavirus on Social Media: Analyzing Twitter Conversations

We analyze more than 25 million real-time tweets on Twitter related to Coronavirus to give up-to-date insights about the pandemic from the lens of social media. How are people reacting to the outbreak? How is Twitter being used to circulate vital information and updates? How is it being abused for spreading false information, panic and hate? This work is in collaboration with New Voices of Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. More details available on ArXiv .

Top Countries (most positive on Twitter)

Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Ghana, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Ireland, South Africa, Venezuela, Malaysia

Top Countries (most negative on Twitter)

Hong Kong, Norway, United States of America, Mexico, Chile, Sweden, Brazil, Greece, Netherlands, Colombia, Australia

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Twitter Sentiments on #SocialDistancing

Twitter Sentiments on #WorkFromHome

Twitter Coronavirus Topics

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Top Relevant Tweets in Topic Cluster (March 1-7)

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