Coronavirus on Social Media: Analyzing Twitter conversations

This analysis is to study the conversations on Twitter in the light of the Coronavirus epidemic. We hope to provide accessibility into the ongoing discussions and Tweets surrounding the epidemic. This is a step towards our current research on misinformation analysis to make social media platforms safe and reliable.

Follow our work on misinformation analysis and social networks! Check out our research on misinformation and the USC Melady Lab for more information on machine learning for social network analysis.

This work is in collaboration with New Voices of Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

The USC Melady Lab focuses on machine learning for real world applications. We develop machine learning and data mining algorithms for solving problems involving data with special structure, including time series, spatiotemporal data, and relational data. We work closely with domain experts to solve challenging problems and make significant impacts in computational biology, healthcare, social media analysis, climate modeling, and business intelligence.


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